Warrior Vs Warlcok in World of Warcraft

A warrior and a warlock can both be tough to beat in world of warcraft. If you are not fast to act and skilled with your class then you could find yourself rezzing. A warrior has great burst potential with little to no CC, and the warlock will slowly kill you while ccing you to death. What can you do as a warrior to beat a warlock? Follow these steps and practice what I tell you and you will be on your way to killing pesky locks all the time.
You want to begin by trying to get the start. You really need to start by charging the warlock. If you can’t get the charge off, don’t worry, you can still win. If you do get the charge off it will give your warrior a lot bigger chance of winning. If the warlock sees you coming and sicks his pet then you need to switch targets to the pet and charge.

The first thing you need to do is notice which pet the warlock has out and you need to see if the warlock has soul link on. This is something most warriors (and most other classes) don’t look for right away. If you see that the warlock has soul link, you need to kill the pet no matter what pet the warlock has out. If the warlock dosent have soul link then you need to keep an eye out for the imp, succy, and the fel guard. Yes i know that a warrior with fel guard will have soul link, but never know, he could have forgot it. If any of these pets are out then you need to kill them quickly.

Next thing you want to do is get a little rage up while killing the pet. You will need this later. Right when you charge the pet, switch to berserk. This will allow you to intercept the warlock right when you finish the pet. Kill the pet by mainly auto attacking and even throw in a few well timed slams. You want to have 50 rage at least to start on the warlock. By now the lock has you all doted up. This is ok, a warrior will usually take a full 2 application of all the dots to be killed.

After you kill the pet and intercept the warlock, you need to hamstring first thing. Then you need to mortal strike / blood thirst followed by a whirl wind. Now you will have no rage. Just dps the lock down till you have enough rage. The lock will fear and will death coil. You need to stay in berserk stance to pummel his fears. When you get death coiled, you need to try to intercept back. Most good warlocks will death coil, fear. You need to save you trinket for the fear. Do not trinket out of the death coil. You can death wish, but i don’t suggest doing this until you are in melee range.

By now the warlock’s pet is dead and you are beating on him. He has wasted his death coil and you are below half health. He should be about dead unless you just got a really bad streak on non crits. All you have to do from here is dps him down for a few more seconds. If you want to get fancy you can throw in a intimidating shot followed by an intercept. This is fun, but remember that you have dots on you. Save a little rage and execute. This wraps it up. Run to the nearest healer and get a heal before the dots kill you. Or time a bandage just right to get a tick or two off. This has saved my life a few times.

Have fun.

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